Workshops and Presenters 

Tracey TieF

Certified Natural Health Practitioner

Tracey TieF


Tracey TieF is a Certified Natural Health Practitioner and founder of Anarres Natural Health Apothecary in Toronto.

She graduated from The School of Holistic Studies, Jan Benham's Institute of Aromatherapy, and as a Green Witch with Susun Weed.

Tracey completed a Permaculture Design Certificate and Earth Activist Training with Starhawk and Charles Williams, and a Rainbow Serpent Intuitive Herbalism Apprenticeship with Julie Feddes Gaia.

Tracey offers hands on Aromatherapy Certification and Apprenticeship, as well as a variety of introductory and professional level workshops in the community.

She comes from the perspective that plants are our ancestors and that we need to re-skill ourselves so that botanical medicine can be part of everyone's life in healing mind, body and spirit.


Aromatherapy for Cannabis Medicines

What are the best analgesic (pain relieving) essential oils, and how can we best use them in topical preparations?Which carrier, enriching and essential oils are anti-inflammatory (reduce swelling)? Which essential oils can help increase your libido and your enjoyment of your sexuality (aphrodisiacs)?


In this hands on workshop, Tracey TieF, Certified Natural Health Practitioner and founder of Anarres Natural Health Apothecary will introduce you to a host of useful ingredients and teach you how to use them in your cannabis medicinal preparations. You'll come away with a custom formula tailored to your specific needs

Self Care Spa Day

Make Salts, Scrubs, and Face & Body Masks

Why spend 10 times more on mystery ingredients and laced with industrial chemicals? You'll learn what each wholesome natural ingredient does according to traditions and contemporary knowledge, and how to combine them for individual needs.You'll work with clays, minerals, salts, oils, and essential oils and come home with a face mask, body scrub, and bath salts!  


Linda McNeil

aka Lady BlayZyng

Linda McNeil

I am a medical cannabis patient, cannabis activist and advocate and have been involved in the Toronto cannabis community for over 10 years. I am a long time cannabis user for 36 years, and have always found that cannabis relaxes me and aids in my creative process.


I try to bring creativity into as many facets of my life as possible as this makes life more fun! Life can be so dull, so I look for ways to brighten things up. An easy way to achieve this is by blinging things, which is kind of funny, as my nickname is Lady BlayZyng!

Linda is a founding member of Ladies Love Mary Jane Retreat and has hosted our ‘Bling Your Own” workshops at the last two retreats, and she has endeavored to share with our ladies simple yet fun ways to bling!


Puff Puff Paint!

Linda will be presenting a Puff Puff Paint workshop on Friday evening . This is a more involved creative craft and will be available all evening on Friday for the ladies when they arrive. 

Sarah Rogers

Sarah Rogers

I am a little, hippie pixie at heart and love to spread joy and see people happy. I run my own business, Pixie by Design, and I’m able to spread joy doing Henna tattoos. I also sew and will Up-cycle clothing as it brings me joy recycling the fabric into something beautiful and I love seeing others wear my clothes.


Although Henna is my true love. I find meditation through my art which is a beautiful thing. Applying henna to the skin relaxes me in ways I don’t get from other meditations I usually hear something similar from those getting henna too. I love what I do and that’s important to me. Love your life!

Wake n Bake Yoga with Sarah

Sarah will be offering an informal yoga class Saturday and Sunday morning. While not a yoga instuctor she has been practising yoga for a few years, plus a few years many years ago so the routine will be gentle and easy. Something nice to get the blood flowing and wake up our minds and bodies for the coming day ahead.


Please bring a yoga mat if you want to participate, as there many not be any extras there. You do not need to bring anything else except an open mind…and a smile never hurts!

Reena Rampersad

High Society Supper Club


Reena is a cultural foodie and cannabis connaisseur, originally born in Toronto but of Trinidadian descent. She spent all of her 20’s earning a living as a social worker in the city of Detroit, Michigan but her interest in food culture would eventually steer her into a permanent career as a Restauranteur. She is currently the owner / operator of two catering and private dinner companies, The Limin Coconut and High Society Supper Club. As an open supporter of Cannabis, Reena has been advocating the benefits for years and utilises her culinary skills and influence to help shift the negative perceptions and stigmas that exist regarding it’s use.
As a young girl, Reena witnessed her grandmother using Cannabis in the making of various salves and remedies while her father battled the law and society for his choice to partake. Many of her family members were victims to the War on Drugs so her participation in the industry is both personal and political and she sees it as one of the greatest and most ignored civil rights violations of all time. As a result, both of her companies have strong social justice ties and involvement and Reena is also the Volunteer Coordinator for The Campaign for Cannabis Amnesty, a campaign that is currently drafting legislation and asking the federal government to provide blanket pardons to those with previous non violent cannabis convictions in an effort to promote an equitable industry. Reena has been featured on the CBC’s The Current, Episode “Cooking With Cannabis”, in a Zoomer Media spot on the ONE Network alongside a few other articles in The Globe and Mail, Now Magazine and other smaller publications focused on cannabis and cooking. Reena currently resides in Hamilton, Ontario with her husband, Louic and their cat Buddy.

Tracy George

Reiki 3rd Degree Master/ Teacher


Tracy George enjoys guiding others to explore and develop their own intuitive healing energies.

She has been teaching Reiki and offering holistic wellness workshops and Reiki share in the Durham region since 2012.

Her trainining includes Reiki (3rd Degree Master/Teacher), Axiatonal Alignment(Practitioner/Teacher), Indian Head Massage, Core Shamanism, and various other independant studies such as sound healing, crystal therapy, energy medicine, and planned affirmation therapy.

Meditating with Mary Jane

This workshop is about exploring some easy to apply meditation practices that will focus on reducing stress and anxiety, followed by a guided group meditation. We are hoping this offers useful insight, as well as some grounding and centering before our departure. 

Tamara Lilien

Cannabis Sommelier

e Tamara Lilien

Coming from a 14 year background in Palliative Care, Tamara has a keen understanding of gaps that exist in the health care system.  After experiencing the medical benefits of cannabis firsthand, she transitioned into a career in Cannabis Education and Consulting.  Tamara believes strongly that humankind deserves easy access to cannabis and associated resources for both medical and recreational purposes.   


As one of less than 10,000 people worldwide to hold a Cannabis Sommelier Certification,  Tamara was selected from 25,000 applicants to serve on the world's first Cannabis Curation Committee (  Tamara is the founder of CannaLily Consulting ( and the Chief Information Officer and Director of Education at the Cannabis Cooking Company (   

Identifying Your Cannabis Palate 

How do you know which cannabis is best for you?  Are you curating the right strains to meet your medical, therapeutic and recreational needs? 

Join Cannabis Sommelier and Educator Tamara Lilien as she explores cannabis terpenes and the steps involved in identifying your personal cannabis palate.

Joanne Baker aka Puff Mama

Joanne Baker aka Puff Mama

Laughter As Medicine


Joanne Baker aka Puff Mama is an activist and entrepreneur based out of Toronto. She’s been an owner of a comedy and social club in Riverside for 13 years now called “Underground Cafe 420”. She has been involved with producing comedy shows since 1999, and an active cannabis and environmental activist since 2002. She is also a comedy host and storyteller, with tales of her experience in the comedy and cannabis communities. Her mission is to make people laugh and provide the best cutting edge comedy shows to a new generation of comedy lovers.


Years ago, she discovered that when people came through the door of the comedy club at the beginning of the night, they were often weary and tired from their workday, or pissed off at something they saw on the news, or they’d had a sad day/experience and just needed a lift. And when they left, they never talked about the things that were bothering them. They’d repeat the jokes they just heard, they’d tell a funny story about something that happened to them, they’d come thank me or the comics and tell them it was a good show, or they’d be making plans to go somewhere else, because the night had taken a fun turn and they didn’t want it to end. 


Why This Workshop?


Life is a series of comedies and tragedies. Life is also this complex cycle between your glands, cells and neural pathways that react to your experiences. How you lead a happy life though, is not by the experiences - it is by how you react. You might not be able to control your experiences, but you can somewhat control your reactions.


Some things we touch upon:

- The various sciences behind laughter as medicine and therapy

- The cycle in our bodies, how we get stuck in a rut.

- Brain synapses and neural pathways, how they affect your emotions and reactions to life

- Chemicals produced by emotions, how our cells are affected by the chemicals we produce and how it affects our health and ability to make change

- How to incorporate laughter and positive experience in your daily lives, to use your very own body system to make that change.


This workshop will run aproximately an hour, as a power point presentation with some fun science bits, some laughter, sharing stories and a bit of singing at the end!