We are hosting a mini market at the retreat for the ladies to do some shopping!

Here is a list of our vendors that will be joining us! 

Melanie Quadros, C.A.H.P

Melanie Quadros

My name is Melanie and I’m a Certified Aromatherapy Health Professional and founder of Afflatus Wellness, from Etobicoke, Ontario.


I am a believer in that the earth already provides us with all the medicine we need. And by harnessing the fruits of the earth, you can always #CreateYourWellness. I’m very excited to be offering mini aromatherapy massages to the amazing women at the LLMJ Retreat!


Aromatherapy massage is a light touch, relaxing massage, using a custom blend of oils that comes with a long list of benefits. It can aid in easing pain, detoxifying, lifting your mood and relaxation, just to name a few.


Plant Alchemy

Tara Brasier  

Cannabis Literacy Educator * Medical Cannabis Patient * Yoga & Mindfulness Teacher

Tara Brasier.jpg

Tara is an educator with over 21 years experience, including teaching communications at George Brown College.

Her journey with mindfulness intersected with cannabis 9 years ago when her Brother's ALS diagnosis prompted her to devour everything she could on the plant's medicinal benefits. What she learned proved doubly valuable. She applied her medical cannabis knowledge and mindfulness training towards her own healing.  By integrating plant medicines and mindfulness practices Tara’s fibromyalgia, IBS, depression and anxiety abated and she found a new level of enjoyment for life.

Tara's vision for Plant Alchemy is to teach you how plant medicines can bring healing and vitality to your life.  With mindfulness, and cannabis, what you learn about yourself can be profoundly rewarding!

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We are currently building our vendors page, please check back for more updates soon!

If you are interested in vending, please email me at and send me some information about your business, and include your bio, a brief description, a photo, or logo, and any web/social media links you may have.


Please look at our vendors rates in the registration information!