Our Community & Sponsors

Ladies Love Mary Jane is Canada's first women's cannabis retreat, which is a growing community of women who gather together to explore our relationship with cannabis through educational workshops, expressive and healing arts, women's sacred circles, music, and lots of fun. Together we learn, share, grow, heal, cook, eat, empower, connect, and laugh...a lot!

Our LLMJ community includes women of all ages, non and novice cannabis users to cannabis consultants and educators -there is room for all to join. LLMJ Retreats (and sometimes circles) are put together by our founding organizer, Charlene Freedom, along with a team of community volunteers who help plan, coordinate and assist each other in making sure events run smoothly. LLMJ is a grassroots operation, that relies on registrations, donations and sponsorship of our community. All proceeds go directly to funding the retreats -ie entertainment, food, supplies, presenters, space rental, marketing and administrative costs.


Ladies Love Mary Jane is grateful for all the continued support we receive from all our sponsors and volunteers. Each gift of support makes a huge difference in making every retreat so awesome -be it corporate, individual, monetary, gifts, samples, or even the donation of time to volunteer. Many of our ladies like to volunteer during the retreat, as it makes the work lighter and is a great way to community build, meet our team, and possibly learn a little bit along the way. Volunteering is easy, just let our team know!


Whenever possible, we do our best to help sponsor women who cannot afford registration, so  they are able to take part in the transformational experience LLMJ Retreat offers. In return, these women usually become hands on members of our community who volunteer with set-up and clean up, workshops, crafts, or in the kitchen. Our goal is to be able to offer this on a more continual basis as we continue to grow.

If you are interested in sponsoring Ladies Love Mary Jane Retreat in any way (such as raffle and swag bag donations), please reach out...we would love to hear from you!



Here's a look at some of our amazing supporters since 2017...