Our Team

Ladies Love Mary Jane Retreat takes a team of people to plan and organize. ​Our LLMJ team includes women of all ages, non and novice cannabis users to cannabis consultants and educators. Retreats are put together by our founding organizer, Charlene Freedom, along with a team of staff who help every step of the way with the implementation of our retreat, making sure everything runs smoothly.

We have been blessed to have so many awesome woman be part of our team since LLMJ retreats began back in September 2017.  Our ladies each volunteer their unique skills and background -culinary, holistic arts and wellness, cannabis expertise, event planning, administrative and creative, to form an amazing team...who do an amazing job!  Our friendly staff members are always happy to receive help from volunteers who like to pitch in or get more involved.

Some of our regular LLMJ Staff Team 

(Currently being updated)...